10 Best websites to download free fonts

Fonts play a significant role in the typography of your website. Fonts that are too fancy can be difficult to read, while fonts that are too plain can be dull. As a result, you should concentrate on selecting a font that is both readable and appealing.

The right font style can provide your material a pleasing appearance while also preserving its aesthetic worth. It’s crucial for creating the tone of your website and ensuring a positive customer experience. So, to help you, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten websites where you can get amazing fonts and most importantly in free 😍

1. Google Font

This is undoubtedly one of the best sources for free fonts on the internet. Google Fonts provides a wide range and quality fonts for free. You can activate them on your sites by pasting code rather than physically adding them to your site assets. This resource is very useful for web designers.

Google font

2. fontbundle

If you go to this site and click for “free fonts“(that is in the navbar), you will find a number of free fonts that you can download and use for personal and commercial projects.


3. BEfonts

You can get the best fonts, both free and paid, to use for personal or commercial purposes. With a lovely script font, a professional sans serif font, and more.


4. fontspace

This website has over 81000 free fonts. Some are exclusively intended for personal use. Some of them are completely free, so make sure you read the permission carefully.


5. Pixelify

Pixelify is a community for sharing high-quality design assets. Individual graphic designers from all over the world have offered their favorite free typefaces. Script, handwritten, sans-serif, sans, display, and cursive fonts are among the free fonts available.Β 

pixelify preview

6. Abstractfonts

The entire site is dedicated to free typefaces. There are over 70 categories to choose from (Adult, Animal, cartoon, and a lot more)

abstractfonts preview

7. 1001freefonts

Don’t be confused by the name; it has 10,000+ typefaces instead of just 1001 fonts. The majority of them are free for personal use, and some are free for commercial usage as well.

1001freefonts preview

8. fontsquirrel

Font Squirrel is the finest place to find FREE, hand-picked, high-quality commercial-use fonts.

fontsquirrel preview

9. Dafont

Dafont is another excellent source of free fonts. Their free font library contains around 40,000 fonts ranging from unusual and obscure selections to modern, crisp sans-serif fonts for websites.

Dafont preview

10. Awwwards

awwwards offers a wide range of free fonts for personal use.

Awwards font preview

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