10 excellent color tools for designers and developers


In this article, We’ll look at some very useful and powerful colour tools for designers and developers. These tools will assist you in making better colour choices and incorporating them into your projects.You may also like 10 website to download free fonts, 12 websites for free mockups, so go checkout😁

1. coolors

It’s a fantastic color tool for designers and developers. It allows you to create a color pallet, a gradient pallet from any color, and check color contrast. You can also create a color pallet from an image, and you can even see how colorblind people will perceive your colors. And you can get its CSS too😻. It contains everything you require.


2. Muzli color

This tool’s sole purpose is to generate color palettes. It allows you to make a palette from a color code, a color name, or even an image. It will give you a live UI demo for your color palettes. It comes with some pre-color palettes to use. You can download them in SVG form.

Muzli color

3. Colorkit

Color Blender creates color scales by blending the shades of two colors. To reveal the stepped gradient, enter a start and end color and the number of blend steps. It has also an option to display shades and tints for any color.


4. colorsinspo

It has more than just color palettes and gradient palettes; it also has color articles for color usage and theory, color tutorials, color games, color tools, and a list of famous brand colors.


5. gradienta

This is especially useful for developers. It has nearly 182 modern abstract gradients for which you can obtain CSS code and view a live preview.


6. colorhunt

This is the best tool for selecting a color palette for a design project. Because it has divided its color palette into different themes (like nature, food, night, etc..). You can now choose your color palette based on the theme of your project.✌️


7. cssgradients

This is a fantastic gradient tool. It comes with many pre-built gradient palettes that you can edit and copy the CSS code for or download in.jpg format, and the main consideration is its gradient buttons that come with beautiful hover effects that you really should try at least once.


8. Shade Generator

As the name suggests, it is used to generate shade and tint for any color. Simply enter the color code or name, and it will generate the color scale for you.

shade generator preview

9. BrandColors

The most comprehensive collection of official brand color codes available. Includes hex color codes for over 500 brands, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among others.

brandcolors preview

10. Eva design system

You select your primary colour here, and it will generate colour palettes for success, info, warning, and danger.

Ending note

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