10 Useful Figma Tricks That will Enhance Your Work ✌️


Here are 10 Figma tips and tricks that will speed up your work. Hopefully, Some of these should be as thrilling to you as they were to me when I discovered them. So let’s start 👇

1. Resizing frames

If we resize a frame with the move tool it messes up. The solution is to press “k” or choose the scale tool from the menu and resize it and it will not mess up.


 if you just want to resize the frame but not want to disturb the elements within it. Then Press Ctrl or cmd while resizing the frame with the move tool.


2. Show Version History

Figma includes an integrated version history that you may not have noticed yet. Gо tо Menu>File>Shоw versiоn histоry, аnd yоu саn see аll рeriоdiсаlly аutо-sаved versiоns and jumр between them. You can view, share, duplicate and restore file versions.

. You can find a full article on how to use version history here


3. Smart selection & tidy

When you choose a group of matching items ( must have the same basic configuration), a grid symbol appears in the bottom right corner of the selection frame. When you click on it, all of the things are magically arranged in a nice grid!

This is аlreаdy inсredible, but there are more surprises. Yоu’ll nоtiсe рink lines between the рieсes; drаg аnd mоdify the vertiсаl аnd hоrizоntаl раdding (аlsо wоrks viа the right-hаnd рrорerties раnel). Yоu mаy аlsо swap оbjeсts by сliсking оn the сirсle in the сentre аnd drаgging them tо а new lосаtiоn within the seleсtiоn.


4. Import multiple images quickly

Press ⌘+⇧+K / shift+ctrl+k or choose “place image” and select multiple images now click on the shapes one by one and it will fill them with selected images one after another.

5. Select all with same…

You may adjust the font, attributes, fill, stroke effect, and even identify all other instances in a batch.  Select an object or text and go to Menu> Edit > Select all with same… It would be great option for a batch change.


6. Batch unlock/unhide objects

if you have multiple locked layers or hidden layers and want to unlock or unhide them, you can search unlock/unhide all objects.


7. Fancy Circles

Have you ever wondered why there is a small dot on the edge of every circle you draw? It’s called the Arc Tool, and you can slice your circle by pressing it and moving your mouse. On the top of your slice, you’ll see another small circle labeled “ratio” that you can alter. Once you’ve enabled your Arc tool, the properties will appear in the properties panel on the right-hand side.


8. Bulk Rename

If you want to rename your layers like(list 1, list 2, list3…) instead of doing it manually here is a quick way to do it, Select multiple layers from the layer panel, right-click and select rename or simply press ctrl+R you can add any prefix and add your current name or number afterward.


9. Finding layers on the canvas

Suppose you found any layer in the layer panel but you don’t know where it is on canvas it is very easy just click on the layer in the layer panel and press shift+2 (⇧+2 on mac) or double click on the layer icon.


10. Swap Stroke & Fill

Last but not least!! If you want to swap fill and stroke just press shift+x ( ⇧+x on mac)and see the magic ✨


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