12 Amazing Websites to get free mockups

12 Amazing Websites for free mockups

It’s no surprise that ready-made mockups are excellent for enhancing and displaying design work. Finding the correct free mockup templates for designers, on the other hand, can be a nuisance. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the top 12 websites that offer free mockups.

1. Figma plugins

With this plugin, you can make mockups in a couple of seconds. When you click on a mockup, it will open on a canvas with a frame where you can place your design. After that, click the button “Render selected frame” and your design will be displayed in the mockup.

Artboard mockup studio

This plugin allows you to generate 3D mockups. Color, camera angle, and device type can all be customized for your mockups. Models for the iPhone 11, Pixel 4, and Macbook Pro are included.

Clay Mockups 3D preview

It includes a wide range of mockups, not just devices. Simply click on your design and then load frame; it will also have a shadow effect.

Vectary 3D element preview

2. Figma community

For all Figma users, the Figma community is a fantastic resource. Here you can find several extremely interesting mockups. Simply type in the mockup and you’re done.

Figma community preview

3. Dribbble

It’s a fantastic 3d mockup that you can download for free from here. You can customize it with the.psd and .fig files that come with the download.

free mockup from dribble

4. is. graphics

Mockups for your presentations and UI tools that are both exclusive and free. Free assets for Photoshop, Sketch, XD, and Figma for commercial and personal use.

is.graphics preview

5. Dimmy

It is a device mockup generator tool. It is really handy and useful especially for non-designers who aren’t familiar with design software like Figma or Adobe. All you have to do now is upload your design and choose the device for which you want to export it.

dimmy preview

6. Freebie Mockups

You get three mockups in one file for free. It contains a high-resolution .psd file for apple watch, iPad, and iPhone mockup. If you want to use them in Figma. You can save them in SVG format and open them in Figma.

freebie mockups preview

7. MockupsJar

Other than technological devices, this offers a wide range of real-life items such as books and bags, etc. Some of them are paid, but there are plenty of freebies as well.

mockupsjar preview

8. Workspace mockup

Mockup of a high-quality workstation for free. Toggle the Apple Devices to personalize your scene (Imac and Macbook pro). It comes with two Photoshop files.

workspace mockup preview

9. Freepik

Freepik has become a very popular vector graphics resource site. Here you may find free graphics, vector art, icons, PSD files, and photographs for your website and social media. Mockups for your designs are also available for free.

freepik preview

10. Vecteezy

Another excellent resource for free vector graphics is Vecteezy. You can also get free mockups here.

vecteezy preview

11. Shotsnapp

You can choose from a variety of templates to incorporate into your design. Select “test it out for free”. It opens the editor. Choose a device, upload an image of your design or a screenshot, tweak the appearances, and then save your mockup image. So simple.

shotsnapp preview

12. video Mockup

This is extremely useful for creating video mockups on a range of devices for free.

video mockup preview

Ending note

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let me know which of these tools you like most in the comments, and if you have any tools that aren’t on the list, I’d be happy to include them😇. Thank you for taking the time to read this😊.

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